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C2 recognizes that the important aspect of the solution is what is unique to the business, not the underlying technology that supports it. We have the ability to quickly understand the business, recognize what is unique about it, and rapidly develop solutions that enhance those characteristics. C2 builds solutions rapidly because all of our consultants understand and can implement the full life cycle of the project, from concept through design, development, deployment, and support.

C2 Continuous Integration Jump Start

C2 completes dozens, sometimes hundreds, of custom software deployments each year. We understand the full software lifecycle: the deadlines of a proof of concept, hardware and software installation, the back and forth of bug detection, the significance of a 1.0 release, patching, adding new features, and constant quality assurance.

This experience gives us a raw understanding of the need for a consistent, automated approach to source control, deployment and testing--Continuous Integration (CI). Few customers have the need to instantiate a CI environment more than once. C2 has had the opportunity to do so with multiple clients, using a variety of tools and techniques. From this experience, we have established the C2 CI platform that includes Subversion, Maven, Jenkins, Selenium, and the best tools and techniques Oracle has to offer. Our methodology allows software developers to check in code and be confident it will be version controlled. Quality Assurance developers can check in versions of automated test scripts and be confident they'll have results when they need them--overnight, or on whatever schedule the define. And users can be confident that the software was tested for whatever browser they choose.

The tools and techniques are free, but the experience is battle won. In one week, we can put that experience to work for you. The C2 CI Jump Start includes installation of the C2 CI Platform of open source utilities and 1.5 days of hands on training.

C2 Multitenant Utility

Many clients develop an application for one department in the organization and then need to install it for other departments. Other clients have a hosted application that needs to be available to new customers immediately. Oracle Virtual Private Database (VPD) was designed to allow this in a single datastore. VPD implementation, though, can be challenging, time consuming, and tedious. C2 has deep VPD experience, implementing some of the first projects in the world to use VPD.

The C2 Multitenant Utility automates much of the VPD implementation process. What might otherwise take weeks can be accomplished in days. Because VPD is so deeply involved in the security of your application, we offer the utility only as a consulting service. After a brief discussion of your needs, we can provide a fixed price quote and timeline for implementation.

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